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          Welcome to Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. website!

          Spiritual Level

          Company Culture Theme

          Excellent cultural education, scientific management working.

          The core of Xiuqiang culture: filial piety and happy family culture

           Xiuqiang Company Vision:The world glass technology counts on China, Chinese glass technology counts on Xiuqiang

          Xiuqiang Company Mission:Let's experience the happiness of developing new technologies and new materials for the benefit of mankind.

          Xiuqiang Company Values:Loyalty, Diligence, Innovation, Passion.

          Loyalty: Thanksgiving heart, selfless, filial piety, respect for family members, abide by the rules, perform duties, with all their heart, mission must be achieved.

          Diligence: active and positive, perseverance, strict discipline, excellence, self-improvement, strive for success, good habits, fruitful.

          Innovation: Independent, Independent creation, brave to explore, good at practice, break the rut, reform, pioneering, leading.

          Passion:sunny and healthy, enthusiasm and initiative, rapid growth, explore potential, optimistic, inspiring, cease to live.

          Cultural orientation:Target result oriented, customer service oriented, team cooperation oriented.

          Three disciplines:Obey the command in all actions, do not bribe-taking, filial piety, respect family members.

          Four system:Science and technology culture, system culture, ethics culture, delight culture.

          Sixteen words proverbs:Be respectful to the elder, kind to the yonger, harmonious to people and true to things.

          Behavior Level

          1.Loyalty, diligence - A Chinese excellent culture education - ethical culture, delight culture - team oriented - respect to the elder, kind to the yonger - filial piety, respect for family members.

          Study literature: "The Analects of Confucius", "Disciple Rules".

          2.Innovation, passion - western scientific management working - a science and technology culture, system culture a goal result oriented, customer service oriented  - harmonious to people and true to things - listen to the command, do not do not bribe-taking.

          Study literature: "Excellent Performance", "ISO9000".

          Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork CO., LTD.
          Site: http://www.tpkjjt.com
          E-mail: zqb@jsxq.com
          Add: NO.28 Jiangshandadao Road Suyu Suqian China
          Board secretary:Gao Ying
          Securities Affairs Representative: Gao Ying
          Tel: +86-527-80300160\80300160、80181160
          Fax: +86-527-84459085

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