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          Welcome to Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. website!

          1992, Opening a glass store;

          1993, Set up glass & plastic product factory to produce shelf glass and supply to Hefei Meiling;

          1995, shelf glass factory moved to Suqian Canal under bridge, developed plate sintered glass. At the end of the same year, set up Suqian Xinxing Art Glass Co., LTD.

          July.1996, the company began to produce tempered glass by hanging furnace process, and became the main supplier of Xinfei, Haier, Meiling and other enterprises.

          1999, invented injection molding technology, with invention, utility model, appearance of three patent technology, began to produce injection molding glass;

          2000, the first horizontal tempering furnace was put into production;

          2001, the company moved to No. 102, Zhujiang Road, Suyu Economic Development Zone, and Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork Technology Co., LTD was established.

          2003, the company team began to develop color crystal glass;

          2004, The color crystal glass was introduced into market, gain customer recognition, the company's development into a period of leap;

          Nov.2005, the company began to expand the south photovoltaic high-tech park. The total area is 400 mu (including the old factory area), and the total construction area is 100,000 square meters;

          2008, Jiangsu Provincial government approved the establishment of Jiangsu Institute of Glass Deep Processing Engineering technology;

          Apr.2009, Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork Company was renamed into Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork Co., Ltd.

          June.2009, the company entered the ipo counselling period

          Jan.13,2011, Xiuqiang Shares was successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of shenzhen Stock Exchange;

          2012, The National Standardization Administration set up the National Technical Committee on Industrial Glass and Special Glass in the company;

          2013, The company was selected as the national Torch plan key high-tech enterprises;

          2014, the low-carbon multifunctional inorganic nonmetallic materials engineering Center of the company was rated as provincial engineering center, and the company was identified as a national high-tech enterprise. The company officially entered the second start-up stage;

          2015, large size high transmission visible light AR coated glass was officially put into production; This technology fills the current domestic blank. Lu Xiuqiang, founder and chairman of the company, was named "Good Man of China"

          2016, approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company began to open up a second main business, involved in the field of education;

          2017, with the grand opening of Xiuqiang (Malaysia) Education Technology Co., LTD., the education industry goes abroad;

          2018, the Huaxia Xiaoshan Museum funded by Xiuqiang Shares was opened to the public for pure public benefit. The opening ceremony of the 10th Enterprise Culture Festival and the construction project of one hundred thousand happy families was officially launched.

          2019, Yang Wenming, secretary of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee and National School of Administration, and other leaders visited Xiuqiang, incorporated the filial piety culture system of Xiuqiang into the album "Reference -- Cultural Treasures revitalize All Industries", and set up the subject of "Happiness civilization Complex" for research.

          2020, Company glass molding technology in the world's leading position.

          Apr.26,2021, Zhuhai-owned company host Xiuqiang, the company stake control transferred, become a state-controlled listed company.

          Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork CO., LTD.
          Site: http://www.tpkjjt.com
          E-mail: zqb@jsxq.com
          Add: NO.28 Jiangshandadao Road Suyu Suqian China
          Board secretary:Gao Ying
          Securities Affairs Representative: Gao Ying
          Tel: +86-527-80300160\80300160、80181160
          Fax: +86-527-84459085

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